Koyli Arrives at the DPS Depot

Koyli arrived at Barrow Hill this afternoon.  The loco is now safely in the DPS depot ready for work to start on it this Saturday. Couple of pictures here  

Movement Details to Barrow Hill

Kolyi Movement details to Barrow Hill Depart York NRM at 1005, York yard south, 1020, Colton Jn 1027, Church Fenton 1034, Moorthorpe 1103, Masborough Jn 1120, Beighton Jn 1131, Arr Barrow Hill 1204. The loco will be hauled by 33207.

Engineers and Movement update

55002 should move to Barrow Hill this Thursday.  There are no timings in for it as it most likely be a VSTP move (Planned on the day).  It should be hauled by 47798. The loco will not be load banked at Barrow Hill whilst there to have TPWS/OTMR fitted.  It still will go to the ELR for 60 mph testing and take part in the summer di [...]

Published on  September 25th, 2011