Movement times Ex NVR

Koyli departure from the NVR will be on Monday at 12.13. The loco again is being towed via the GCR (North) to drop off part on the seven loco convoy then onwards to the NRM. Train 0Z56 runs MO from 01/10/12 to 01/10/12 Type STP Diesel Loco Timed at 075mph Sector 34 Train service code 55660505 Hotchley Hill East Leake 1603 Loughborough [...]

Movement times for Wednesday

Koyli is on the move again to the Nene Valley Railway 0X56 YORK N.R.M. 11.14 YORK 11.20 CHURCH FENTON 11.33 MILFORD LOOP 11.41- 11.47 FERRYBRIDGE NORTH JN 11.56 MOORTHORPE 12.12 CANKLOW LOOP 12.39 - 13.11 TREETON JN 13.16 BARROW HILL NORTH JN 13.31 CHESTERFIELD 13.37 ALFRETON 13.53 TRENTJ TRENT SOUTH JN 14.14 SYSTON SOUTH JN 14.3 [...]

Engineers Update - 3rd Sep 2012 - Mainline here we come

55002 has received it's engineering acceptance to haul trains on network rail infrastructure at up to 100mph.  The next step is to have a 100mph test run which will happen after the loco comes back from the Nene valley diesel gala. The Koyli group and the NRM would like to thank the Deltic preservation society and Barrow Hill roundhous [...]

Published on  September 25th, 2011