KOYLI movement details - 5th June 2013

Movement details for Koylis move to Northallerton on the 5th June 2013: 0Z55PI YORKNRM - YORK N.R.M. 09.49 09.50 D-SDG YORKLIP - YORK FUELLING POINT 09.55 10.05 D-SDG YORK - YORK 10.08 10.14 U-10 Fast Up YORKHLG - YORK HOLGATE SIDINGS 10.17 10.58  U-SDG Siding YORKYSJ - YORK YARD SOUTH JN 11.00 D-Down Slow SKELTON - SKELTON JN. (YORK [...]

Another Yard Move coming up

Other yard to yard move for 55002. This will be next Wednesday the 29th of May. This is to trip from the old Thrall works A4 60010 Dominion of Canada. 55002 will tow D6700 to the Wensleydale railway for it's diesel gala the following week.

KOYLI movements this year

Update on some movements planned so far this year: There are talks with a couple of operators at the moment, for KOYLI to operate charters later in the year.  Agreement with West coast railways will see 55002 as a stand by loco at York, in case of failure of their traction.  This is because KOYLI is dual braked. KOYLI, along wi [...]

Published on  September 25th, 2011