Engineers Update - Oct 2015

Engineers update - 55002 passed its annual safety exam last week.  This then allowed Koyli to haul 55019 to York, where D9009 was added to the consist.  55002 then hauled both locos to Shildon, to take part in DELTICS diamond jubilee last weekend. Koyli is to stop at Shildon over the winter for bodywork repairs, and a repaint will be [...]

Koyli is on the Move again

Koyli is on the Move to Shildon. 55002 will haul 55019 to York on Thursday 22nd October 2015, where D9009 will join the consist, and haul 55002/19 to Shildon. Train ID: 0Z69JH Thursday 22 October - Barrow Hill to Shildon BARROW HILL L.I.P. 1124 BARROW HILL SOUTH JN. 1129 BARROW HILL NORTH JN 1138 EGHTJN BEIGHTON JN 1145 TREETON JN 1152 [...]

Published on  September 25th, 2011