Engineers Report - January 2012

This weekend has seen more work on fitting conduit for the cable runs for TPWS.  No 1 engines fuel filter assembly repaired due to a small fuel leak.  The fuel system was then primed to test the repair and it was successful.

Under the cab floors were hoovered to remove 30 years of rubbish and then the handbrake mechanism's were lubricated.

We have now got to a stage were the money has run out.  We have spent money on No2 engine governor, bought TPWS, OTMR, NRN and SSF.  The TPWS and OTMR must be tested and signed off by a contractor, this isn't cheap.  We estimate it will cost £12,000 to get Koyli mainline.

Please can you donate by going to the donate link. Help us get Koyli on the mainline in 2012.  Many thanks.

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Published on  September 25th, 2011