Engineers update - 8th Aug 2012

SSF is now fitted to the loco (SSF puts the brakes on a loco if the direction selector is in engine only whilst a loco is moving).  Bigger drain valves (1 inch) were fitted to the collector drums on the powerunits, allowing oil in the collector drums to be drained away.  The loco is also having a B exam done including having all of the traction motors examined.

Work as also started on fitting NRN radio's to the loco, this should be finished in the next 2 weeks.  TPWS and OTMR will also be finished in the next 2 weeks.

The loco will be attending the the Deltic gathering at the ELR in September, in between now and the Deltic gathering,  we are hoping that the loco will have a mainline test run.

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Published on  September 25th, 2011