Engineers Update

The loco performed well over the 2 diesel gala's we recently attended.  We had just a couple of faults with the loco.  These were No 1 engine wanting to bring in all 3 diverts and the loco overloading at 1800 amps.  The divert contactors have been adjusted and the overload relays were adjusted as well.  The loco developed a small fuel leak on No 1 engine fuel filter system which will be sorted for Shildon.

The Koyli group would like to give a massive thanks to Kev Yeoman at the NYMR and to Paul Warren at the Wensleydale railway for their fantastic hospitality to the group during our visit to their railways and we look forward to more visits to their railways.

If anyone has photo's of the loco working at both railways, please can you forward them to the webmaster.

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Published on  September 25th, 2011