KOYLI movements this year

Update on some movements planned so far this year:

There are talks with a couple of operators at the moment, for KOYLI to operate charters later in the year. 

Agreement with West coast railways will see 55002 as a stand by loco at York, in case of failure of their traction.  This is because KOYLI is dual braked.

KOYLI, along with D6700 should be visiting the Wensleydale railway diesel Gala from Friday June the 7th through to Sunday the 9th of June.  Also confirmed is for D6700 and KOYLI to star in the Severn valley diesel gala in October. 

Talks are on-going to visit another railway in September.

Of course the above is subject to change, even at the last moment but keep checking the website at and on our Facebook page for up to the minute news.

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Published on  September 25th, 2011