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Koyli move from York to Grosmont 2014

Koyli in the Workshops 2013

Koyli at the SVR Gala 2013

Koyli at the Mid-Norfolk Diesel Gala 2013

Koyli at Neville Hill 2013

Koyli at the NVR Diesal Gale 2012

Koyli at the DPS Depot 2012 (Updated 11/08/12)

Koyli speed test trails at the ELR

Koyli at Barrow Hill 2012

Koyli in the Workshop at the NRM 2012

Kolyi wins the HRA award

5 Deltic event at the East Lancs Railway

Deltic 50 event at Shildon sponsored by the NRM

KOYLI to attend the Wensleydale Railway Diesel Gala

KOYLI Re-dedication at NYMR

KOYLI on the rails

KOYLI in the workshop at the NRM 2011


Koyli in the past - Old photos needed, with of course permission granted to publish them, use the contacts form to left us know.


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Published on  September 5th, 2014